Patient Feedback

        "Both my wife and I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Suneil Polley over the last two years to help combat cancers and to build up our immune systems. One of the treatment modalities that Dr. Polley offers is high dose Vitamin C IV Therapy, which studies have shown to complement conventional cancer treatment and help repair and strengthen the immune system. This along with other vitamin and herbal supplements have proven to be very helpful in our continued treatment.
        Dr. Polley is a very compassionate and well informed naturopathic physician in whom we have a great deal of confidence and respect. We would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their health and well being."
~ Dirk and Barbara
        "I have had such a wonderful experience at Alive & Well Acupuncture and Naturopathy.  Dr. Polley, John, Tanya and everyone at Alive & Well is so friendly and welcoming.  Dr. Polley is caring, compassionate, and she really takes the time to listen to my concerns and answer any questions I have.  
        Dr. Polley practices holistic healthcare, meaning that she asks about all aspects of health and wellness: diet, exercise, stress management, sleep.  From this approach, Dr. Polley is able to create a well-rounded treatment plan that honors the body’s innate healing capacity.  Dr. Polley works with you on your path to wellness; she has significantly helped me in recovering from illness and in managing several autoimmune disorders.  My experience at Alive & Well has been great and I refer all of my friends and family to Dr. Polley."
~ Jennifer M.


        "Thank you so much for the wonderful care that you have provided for me over the past several months. I have really benefitted from the acupuncture and cupping - what a relief to be free of migraines!"
~ Melanie


Patient response to our Detox program:
        *    "I was surprised I was never hungry, it was easy - it felt wonderful!" ~ Barbara
        *    "I feel great! Lots of energy.  Skin is soft."  ~ Diane
        *    "I lost 13 pounds and 2.5% body fat. I felt good during the 3 weeks. No headaches, stomachaches, etc. Towards the last week I slept better. I had more energy, actually felt like I needed to exercise to burn some of it off!" ~ Rose
        *    "I noticed an increased energy level, less severe hot flashes, less sinus congestion and an overall feeling of wellness."  ~ Barbara


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