Other Services


Natural Pharmacy. We select only the best natural products. Our supplier identifies the products that have had independent testing of both the raw ingredients AND the finished product, so that we can bring you herbs and nutraceuticals free of pollutants, and at the height of their potency. Check our prices: we have less mark-up than most stores, and we do not have to charge sales tax if you are a patient at Alive & Well. The companies that supply us are the proven leaders in the natural supplement industry, with pharmaceutical standards for product production and purity.


Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching. 
"What should I eat?" is the most common question we hear. We are happy to be your resource for up-to-date information on nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction. Nutrition and lifestyle are the basis of our Weight Management, Anti-aging, Hormone Replacement, and Anti-Inflammation therapies. Getting your health back on track relies upon proper diet and lifestyle choices and we are here to help you learn about the most effective and manageable ways to make such positive changes... and see results.

Routine physicals, as well as Employment and Sports Physicals. Health maintenance visits are very important to discovering health imbalances before they become disease. These give us an opportunity to review your recent medical history and general health. Insurance sometimes covers these exams completely, with no copay or deductible; check with your plan. We can also provide these assessments for employers, schools or sports teams; cost is $50  to $100 depending on complexity required. Please bring required forms.


Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement. Recent studies have increased awareness of the dangers of non-bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and many women discontinued their HRT as a result. Since that time, several books have been written suggesting a less harmful alterative, bio-identical HRT. Bio-Identical means that the chemical structure of the hormone matches exactly the hormones made by the body itself. European medical studies suggest that bio-identical hormones are safer than non-natural versions and offer may health benefits beyond relief of menopausal symptoms. For some women, based on their personal health history, age, and symptoms, bio-identical HRT may be a good option. Risks are minimized by testing hormone levels to make the most individualized treatment based on your unique hormone profile. We utilize blood, saliva, urine, and stool testing at Alive and Well, to obtain the most accurate levels of hormones and nutritional markers.


Detoxification Programs. Detox programs serve as a jump start to changing your diet patterns and working towards weight control. Lasting 21 days, participants learn about their bodies and get rid of excess weight, aches and pains! The usual weight loss during the 21 days is between 5 - 15 pounds! The diet is based on three high-protein smoothies per day, plus fruits and vegetables, with an emphasis on raw, organic vegetarian localvore. It is an unbelievable way to energize your body, wake up your taste buds, and get rid of many troublesome symptoms. Not to mention losing weight! Individual detox is also available. For more information please feel free to call our office.

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