What Insurance Companies Does Alive & Well Accept?
Doctor Polley is a preferred provider for the following insurance networks and their partners:
egence Blue Shield,  Lifewise,  Affinity,  First Choice, Healthways, WholeHealth,  Premera Blue Cross,  Aetna,  Cigna,  Uniform and United.

What are Alive & Well's Financial Policies?
are required by contract to bill from our office if you have acupuncture or naturopathic benefits through any of the insurance companies listed above. If you do not have benefits for Naturopathy or Acupuncture, we will collect the cash price for the service at your visit. (BlueCross/BlueShield plans not in Washington State often do not pay for Naturopathy or Acupuncture). 

It is your responsibility to check with your insurer for benefits, and reimbursement is not guaranteed. Your insurer may also require a referral to see specialists, such as a Naturopathic Physician. You are ultimately responsible for charges not paid by insurance, including deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, and other non-covered services.
Co-payments and deductibles are paid at your visit.

    Some services (such as IV nutrient therapy, supplements, saliva lab tests, etc) are not covered by insurance, but may be covered under your medical  account, such as MSA or FSA. You will receive a receipt, along with a prescription, to submit for reimbursement.

What about other insurance companies, Medicare, or if I have NO insurance?
    If you have other insurance, you will receive an itemized bill to send to your insurance company so it can reimburse you directly, but it is your responsibility to check with your insurer for benefits. Payment is due at time of service (cash, check, or credit card) and we offer a 20% discount on most services, since we do not have to bill. Unfortunately, Medicare and their secondary (Advantage) plans, Tricare, DSHS and other federal and state insurances do NOT pay for our services. 

     If you have no insurance, you will be responsible for paying the cash price at time of service.

    For Personal Injury and Auto Accident patients, please bring your claim number and insurance information. We do not bill for 3rd party auto insurance; we will only bill your auto insurance company. L & I (Worker's Comp) may pay for Naturopathic visits, but not Acupuncture.

    Alive & Well will be happy to bill your secondary insurance one time, if we are In Network. After this, it will be your responsibility. We will not bill secondary insurance if we are not contracted with your primary insurance (for instance, Medicare).

If I do not have insurance, how much do visits cost?
    Cash prices are as follows (billed insurance rates are higher) and depend on time and complexity:
    Acupuncture:   New Patient:  $85 (90min)
                            Established Patient: $65 (1 hour)
    Naturopathy:   New Patient: $100-$250 (45min to 2 hours)
                            Established Patient: $75 - $200 (30min to 90 min)

What should I know before coming into my first visit?
        *    Bring your driver's license (or some form of ID) and your insurance card.
        *    Wear comfortable clothes
Eat a snack before an Acupuncture visit. Acupuncture is all about moving energy. Hunger will reduce your energy and make it more difficult for you to relax.
        *    Parking is available in the lot west of the building or in front.
        *    Please bring the intake packet with you, completed. If you did not receive an intake packet or did not have a chance to fill it out, please arrive about 30 minutes before your visit. This will give you a chance to complete it and for us to get our necessary paperwork in order. 
        *    If possible, please bring labs and x-ray reports from the last year. Or, you may call your other physicians' offices and have them fax these documents to us at 360 336-2856. If not, we can request them to be sent to our office after your visit.

I was about to get lab work done, should I wait?
        *     YES. Because we will probably add some lab testing that your regular doctor won't order, it is recommended you to wait until after your appointment here to do your labs.

Are same-day appointments available?
    Same day appointments with Doctor Polley are available for urgent concerns.

Need a prescription refill?
Please first call your pharmacy and request the Rx to be filled. The pharmacy will then fax a request form to us, or call us for verification. These requests are usually filled the same day.

Still Unsure?
    Come in for a 10 minute consult for free. We understand that deciding to change or seek new medical care is a big step. If you still have questions about any of our practices or would like to meet Doctor Polley, tour our office and decide from there, we would be happy to schedule a 10 minute introductory consult for you at no charge.

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